So, the whole reason for this site is to create a place where you can go to get frequent and comprehensive updates on what Five-Eight is working on and what to expect from us in the coming months. The danger of this is, of course, that our mouths are going to write a check that our asses can’t cash. Maybe one of the best uses of this site will be for us to have our fans hold us accountable!


To that end, here’s a complete run down (or as complete as I can be early on a Tuesday morning) of what we’re working on and what our aspirations are in the months ahead:

Currently, Mike and Sean are writing songs both for the new Five Eight album. We’ve already tracked four songs that are 75% done. We will probably spend another couple of days in the studio tracking five or six more songs for the upcoming record, tentatively entitled “Songs for Saint Jude.” (Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes, in case you were wondering.) We are tracking at 1093 Studios with the stellar young producer/engineer Richard Salino. Richard has a golden set of ears and loves to use tape and analog gear, so we’re very excited about this collaboration. We will likely do a pre-release campaign via IndieGoGo so that fans can pre-order the record where we’ll hopefully raise enough money to press vinyl.


Also, Mike and Sean are writing songs with Jack Logan. We had so much fun playing with Jack for the recent “Highhat Revisited” benefit for Carolyn Sell that we’re hoping to track a record with Jack some time in 2014. Jack currently has an album out now with Scott Baxendale and the record is called ‘Bones in the Desert.’  Here is video from our show with Jack a few months back:



We have shows coming up in Albany, Georgia on 21 Dec and in Athens on 26 January. More about those as the dates get closer.

As I’ve already mentioned, my wish list for the coming weeks is to get every Five Eight release up on Bandcamp, plus a bunch of free downloads of unreleased tracks. There are a lot of other things we’d like to accomplish, too, including maybe remastering one of our records that was just destroyed in mastering, due to no fault of the producer. More on that later. That won’t be cheap, but it won’t be crazy expensive. Maybe if we make a little extra off of the presales of ‘Songs for Saint Jude’ we can throw that at remastering.


More soon!

My plan is to put the entire Five Eight discography on Bandcamp in the next few days. There will be all the albums, all the singles, plus some outtakes and weirdness that has never been available before AND free downloads of the cassette-only releases. Also, in the coming days I am going to put up a store on the site where you will be able to buy t-shirts, maybe coffee mugs, some stickers, VINYL RECORDS and whatever else we can sell.


I’ve still gotta rip some .wav files from the vinyl singles for bandcamp and other stuff like that, but that’s what I’ll be doing in my free time this week. Let me know if there’s something in particular you’re looking for. I may have a demo on cassette or something somewhere I can put up. Also, if you have video PLEASE LET US KNOW. The Five Eight youtube channel will be up soon.


OK, it’s late. More soon.



Nov 19 2013

Mike’s New Strat.

This is the new black guitar from Gruhn Guitar in Nashville  it came with a blue coffee cup.



Lots of news to report in the coming weeks. We’ll lead off with this: Welcome to the new Five Eight dot com! We’re still adding a few things here and there, but we should have a great music player up soon where you can hear old and new material, a store where you can buy vinyl, CDs, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc, and a calendar where you can keep up with where we’re playing.

We’ll also provide links to other social media here and post news. It’s all a work in progress, so thanks for your patience.


Also, we’re going to be working with a new friend and ally, Doug Rasmussen. He’s based out of St. Louis and will be handling a lot of promotion, booking and other sorts of wrangling for us. If you want to talk about booking a show, please email him at He’s a fantastic guy and you’ll see him posting here a lot in the coming weeks. Thanks again for your continued support!