Hello Fans:

We received a test pressing today of our new double LP Songs for St. Jude, to be released this Spring on Austin TX based label Chicken Ranch Records. We are beyond excited to share our new music with you! More details on release date, etc coming soon.

In the meantime, please come check us out live. We have several shows planned including appearances at this year’s SXSW in Austin TX.

3/14/17 SXSW 2017 / Valhalla (11pm)
3/15/17 SXSW 2017 / Hole in the Wall (3:25pm-3:55pm)
3/16/17 SXSW 2017 / Waterloo Cycles (5:15pm 5:45pm)
3/17/17 SXSW 2017 / The Ginger Man Pub (3pm-3:30pm)
4/1/17   Vista Room ATL, Decatur GA (supporting Drivin’& Cryin’)
5/12/17 40 Watt Club, Athens GA


Jan 2 2017

Hello 2017

Happy new year Five Eight fans! This site has been a little quiet as we were working hard at the end of 2016 to put the finishing touches on our long awaited new double album, Songs for St. Jude, to be released on Austin TX based Chicken Ranch Records this spring. Artwork and liner note credits are being finalized as we speak, so it won’t be long now. In the meantime, look for us at the Caledonia Lounge in Athens GA on 1/26/17 opening for Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires. We are also finalizing our official showcase and “unofficial” appearances at SXSW this coming March 13-19. Stay tuned to this site for more details and thanks as always for all of your support!

– Mike, Sean, Patrick, Dan

Hello Fans:

This is Five Eight’s manager Doug Rasmussen weighing in from the northern outpost of St. Louis MO!

It has been a great 2016 so far. Make sure you check out the newly released single for “The Only One” featuring the reissued track as found on the Weirdo 2015 re-release, a 1992-version of the song, and the classic Five Eight tune “Practical Guidance.” Available digitally on bandcamp, itunes, spotify, etc….

The band has been active in the studio in Athens GA and has tracked some 17 songs. Having previewed the album as a superfan of the band I can tell you the songs deliver both a classic Five Eight hard rock sound and tremendous growth and new directions in songwriting and instrumentation. This will be a record that both long time fans of the band and new fans will love. Stay tuned to this space for updates on the new record!

While the band finishes the record, they will be staying close to home this summer. We have 3 shows planned for this June; June 4th at Oglethorpe Lounge in Albany GA; June 24th at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta, and June 26th live on the main stage (Pulaski Street Stage) during Athfest at 4:30pm!

Thanks for all your support and see you soon.

Thank You to the Drive-By Truckers.
The ties between Athens musicians run deep.
Back in the summer five eight had been working on our new album, “Songs for St Jude”.
On two particular songs I had written lyrics to Sean’s music for a song he wanted to call “The flood” and “Song for Jim Gordon”.
For “The flood” I immediately thought of all the people displaced by Katrina.
I had read somewhere about the children who had lost everything and how strange their interviews were. They had a naïve, micro version of the events.
Children have a way to humanize the enormity of such a disaster, into something that could really haunt you personally.
I tried to capture that.
We also been working with Jack Logan and it was really fun for me to write with someone; and for a band that has been playing together for as long as we have it’s frankly nice to mix it up and stretch out with a completely new vision and voice.
I started thinking more about writing for someone.
I felt “The Flood” would be the perfect song to have a guest singer because really most of my songs are from a first person point of view; a lot of the time that view is mine. I would need a song where the character in this song is more unfamiliar and in this one with a “southern accent” to quote Tom Petty
We were lucky to have such an encouraging presence in Patterson Hood and a voice instantly recognizable. I ran into Patterson at the Will Johnson’s living room show hosted by Sean Dunn. Will’s performance was transformative and I am looking forward to sharing the stage with him on Saturday night as well.
I had been missing The Truckers for years and finally got to see them with the new line up last year at their sold out homecoming show at the forty watt and was blown away by the power of the band and the obvious joy they had playing together and that voice.
Then I ran into Patterson again at a local benefit for Nuci Space: five eight played a Vic Chesnutt song and Patterson just couldn’t have been more intense with his praise for our version. He made me feel like we could still make an impact: humbling and affirming. I wondered to him directly if he would be willing to sing on two songs on our new album, yet figured it will never happen with him having moved out to the Pacific Northwest.
Somehow despite the intense pressures he found a way and showed up at The Espresso Machine the local recording studio run by Mike Albanese who is engineering, co-producing, and mixing the new five eight record (as I write this we have a “first” mix for every song on the new album)
In a few hours Patterson knocked out the vocals for the flood and Song for Jim Gordon (More on that one later…)

And the takes just blew me away We still have “The Flood” up on bandcamp for those of you who want to listen.
When we play on Saturday you could be thinking of Patterson’s voice on both of those songs it might help you take them home with you.
Thank You Patterson
Thank You Drive-By Truckers
Thank You Athens, GA

Nov 28 2015

Thank You

Dear Fans,
We’d like to thank all of you for your support this year.  I know I speak for the band when I say how grateful I am to be playing music for you.  It’s been a great year for us.  Here are just a few of the highlights; teaming up with Chicken Ranch Records to re-release Weirdo, playing SXSW for the first time since 2004, recording with Patterson Hood of the Truckers, releasing our song for Katrina, “The Flood”, continuing to record the new album, the Weirdo documentary, and of course just playing music in cities we haven’t played in over ten years.  At every show I’ve had people come up to me and tell me stories about what we have meant to them.  That has meant so much to me.
I wanted to list some of what has made all the difference this year; our families, our friends, our pets, and all of our influences (musical and otherwise), the instruments that we play, our new van and trailer, Doug Rasmussen, Michael Dickinson, David Barbe, Marc Pilvinsky, Patterson Hood, Brad Roell, Christian Lopez, Nick Elliot, Dave Domizi, John Neff, Mike Albanesse, Michael VanHassel, Dan Mistich, the other bands the we play with, the sound men everywhere, all of the players that have gone to the great gig in the sky… and as I sit at the kitchen table I am over come with wonder at it all.
I wanted to make sure I said it.
Thank You,
PS, Our final gig for 2015 is set for Saturday Dec 12th at the Syndicate Lounge in Birmingham AL with the band Royal & Toulouse!! And we are giving away our Black Album when you make a purchase through
http://fiveeight.fulfillmentmerch.com/ now through cyber Monday.
And as always stay tuned there is much more to come