The Studio Album Continues/ June shows!

Hello Fans:

This is Five Eight’s manager Doug Rasmussen weighing in from the northern outpost of St. Louis MO!

It has been a great 2016 so far. Make sure you check out the newly released single for “The Only One” featuring the reissued track as found on the Weirdo 2015 re-release, a 1992-version of the song, and the classic Five Eight tune “Practical Guidance.” Available digitally on bandcamp, itunes, spotify, etc….

The band has been active in the studio in Athens GA and has tracked some 17 songs. Having previewed the album as a superfan of the band I can tell you the songs deliver both a classic Five Eight hard rock sound and tremendous growth and new directions in songwriting and instrumentation. This will be a record that both long time fans of the band and new fans will love. Stay tuned to this space for updates on the new record!

While the band finishes the record, they will be staying close to home this summer. We have 3 shows planned for this June; June 4th at Oglethorpe Lounge in Albany GA; June 24th at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta, and June 26th live on the main stage (Pulaski Street Stage) during Athfest at 4:30pm!

Thanks for all your support and see you soon.

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